"Tone Hype Lessons" is a learning platform for musicians with weekly free tips and tricks for beginners and professionals.

Tone Hype was founded by Kuyano - a dj, producer and audio engineer who works with labels like Spinnin' Records, Revealed Recordings, Warner Music and many others.

We work for big and small labels, as well as artists from all over the world. Do you also want to work with us? Check out our service offers or send us an email to studio@tonehype.com.

No. All orders are handled discreetly. No matter if production, mixing or mastering. Some clients don't want the producer or audio engineer company to show up anywhere, so we don't publish any work without getting permission from the client first.

Since we treat all orders very discreetly and do not publish any work for clients without their consent, this is unfortunately not possible. You are welcome to listen to some examples of how our finished products sound in the demo section.

You can see our customer reviews under the "References" tab. Many reviews were taken from the official SoundBetter "Kuyano" account.

All reviews are verified and left by real customers. We are a professional company and take every customer very seriously! No matter if you're a beginner or a professional.

Of course! If you have a special request that is not offered in our standard services, you are welcome to send us an email to studio@tonehype.com with your request.

Of course! When our work is finished and all the payment is completed the client gets the complete rights for all the files we provide.

After completing the payment you will get all the files you need. By default, you will receive a WAV and MP3 file that you can provide to a label, streaming service, or publisher. We are also happy to send you the stems we create if you have ordered a complete production, mixing, or stem mastering.

We do not send DAW project files.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. As our schedule is always very full, we have no possibility to create a free mixdown or master of your song.

Our team is familiar with all genres of music. No matter if EDM, Pop, or Hip Hop. You are also welcome to send us a personal email to studio@tunehype.com so we can talk about your project.

If you need an invoice, we will be happy to provide it after the job is completed.

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